New Member Business Profile - Life After Loss

Life after loss aims to deal with the natural emotion 'grief' that we all experience when we have a change in a familiar pattern of behaviour.

Date: Thursday 27 June 2019

I am a Grief and Loss Recovery Therapist and I provide support for Human Resources departments to manage emotional conflict within their organisations. 


Grief is the natural emotion that we all experience when we have a change in a familiar pattern of behaviour.  Unresolved losses can have a devastating effect on people, and often misdiagnosed from anxiety, depression to anger outbursts!

This is an Educational Programme over 6 weeks one to one or 7 weeks for groups, in which you look at how you have been dealing with those losses and the steps to help you ride the roller coaster of life!

I have recently been privileged to take The Grief Recovery Method to a group of 20 students working with Graham Clucas CEO of Quing a charity that helps people dealing with Trauma by working on their positives.

Graham Clucas writes “ A huge thank you Di for offering to come and do the course.  All the community members who undertook the six week journey have found a deep healing from doing it.”

This was kindly sponsored by Paul Chase of Chase Wealth Solutions.

Diane is also pleased to be supporting cooperates such as Manx Telecom, along with one to one private sessions.


I am so pleased to be joining the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce.  My aim is to reach and offer support to more HR departments.  To help and support for these departments when dealing with these difficult and often delicate situations.  Knowing ‘what to say’ and more importantly ‘what not to say’ is key to the impact that you will have on the employee struggling with a crisis.

My aim is to get people talking without fear about their losses, but also give them the steps to recover, to find peace as well as the tools to cope with future losses.  I believe that the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce will be a great opportunity for me to connect with other members, especially through networking events.

I am living success of this programme.  In 2016 I was widowed, 3 months later my sister was diagnosed with Cancer, and she died in 2017.  In between my losses I completed the Grief Recovery Method Training which helped me to recovery from the pain of my loss.  This also helped to prepare my sister with her two small children, along with other family members at her passing.


Tel: 472140