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Date: Friday 03 May 2019

Mantis Technology Limited provides smart technology solutions for the home or work place, whilst providing a hub for anyone wanting to outsource their IT needs. We provide a cost-effective personal service tailored to each customer.

At Mantis we are fully transparent, friendly and proactive. We ensure that ownership of all data, accounts and licences are yours from day one. The Mantis way ensures you are always in full control whilst we aim to build a solid, long-term relationship built on trust and of course reliability, so that you can be confident your IT will not hinder your progression.

We can administer your accounts for you, giving you full access should you wish to be involved or we can take care of it all on your behalf.

Remote Support, New computers, internet connection assistance and monitoring are a few of our many services.

Being an active member of the Isle of Man Business community is my goal. Becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce will give me a platform to engage with my peers and get involved with the wider community. I hope to exchange knowledge with other business owners helping to strengthen the collective with my specific knowledge set.

Networking and events are vital for me to gain visibility whilst continuing personal and business development by addressing key requirements that affect all business owners.

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