New Member Profile - Next Level Nutrition

Date: Thursday 04 July 2019

Next Level Nutrition was set up to take away the stress of making a change to your health and nutrition. We all have busy lives and don’t have time to spend hours wading through the endless information online, Next Level Nutrition will cut through the confusion to give you real-life solutions to every day challenges.

No matter what your goal; fat loss, muscle gain, sports performance or just healthy living – Next Level offers a solution that makes it simple.

We understand your frustrations because we’ve been there.  Fad diets, empty promises and over thinking about food.  Our experience & education provides a solution that works for busy people who want results.

We won’t give you an ‘off the shelf’ solution.  Each journey is entirely bespoke, finding the best solutions to your problems. Next Level educates and works on habit change as well as food choice, when you graduate the programme, you’ll never go back because you’ll be armed with the knowledge on how to make the best choices for you, for life.

Why is being a member of Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce so important to your company?

To be a part of something bigger, to connect and to learn.

Having moved from the corporate world to being self-employed, one of the downsides is not having a team to bounce ideas off talk through problems with. Within the first few weeks of joining the Chamber, I have been part of an active community engagement group which provides that team like environment.

The Chamber provides an excellent platform for connection with other local businesses, this is important to me for potential collaborations with likeminded individuals and for cross promotion of services. Again, the word connection comes up, the chamber provides an opportunity to be bigger than a stand-alone company.

Finally, to learn, since I founded Next Level in 2016, I have seen the Chamber advertise fantastic opportunities for learning, both with business related topics and self-development. Being a part of an organisation which offers this is important to me as in an ever changing world, to be excellent in business, you must always be learning about new tech, methods and ways to develop yourself.

Angela Clucas MSc SENr