Chamber hosts IOM’s first ‘Be The Blockchain’ event

Date: Friday 28 June 2019

Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce - in conjunction with PwC Isle of Man and Digital Isle of Man -organised the Island's first ever 'Be The Blockchain' event. 


It was an interactive experience designed for anyone with little or no understanding of blockchain who wanted to find out how it works. Around 80 guests attended from a cross-section of the Island's business community.


The Be The Blockchain event used an analogy which shows how blockchain could have worked in the 1950s with a paper process and limited technology. Attendees joined small teams to take on the roles of a recorder, validator, and distributor to play a node in a blockchain network and experience how a shared, distributed ledger of transactions is built. It's designed to enable anyone to learn the characteristics and key concepts of blockchain, and gain a practical understanding of what it is and how it works.


Rebecca George, Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce CEO, thanked PwC and the Digital Agency for their support, and all of the guests who attended. She added:

"Over 250 'Be The Blockchain' games have been played across Europe to date and we were delighted to bring this unique event to the Isle of Man for the first time".

Steve Billinghurst, Advisory Director, PwC Isle of Man, said:

"The event was one of the largest gatherings of the blockchain experience to date across Europe and it was pleasing to see the engagement of event attendees to better understand blockchain technology and how it can change business. I hope attendees enjoyed 'being the blockchain' and I look forward to delivering the experience to more members of the business community in the near future".

Lyle Wraxall, CEO of Digital Isle of Man, commented:

"We're really pleased to see such a large turnout from a diverse representation of our business community. Providing events such as this support the Island in developing the skills and the knowledge that allow us to foster a supportive and inclusive ecosystem for innovative technologies such as blockchain, and maintains the Island's reputation as well-respected jurisdiction in which to grow a digital business".

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