Wirral Chamber welcomes Isle of Man Chamber to rugby match

Date: Wednesday 20 February 2019

Birkenhead Park Rugby Club has hosted members of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce who were invited by Wirral Chamber to visit Wirral as its guests at a recent rugby match between Birkenhead Park and Douglas (IOM). The match was the return from the game played on the island in October 2018, when Douglas ran out winners 27-5. This time the Wirral team enjoyed a much better result, winning the rugby match 37-20.

Wirral Chamber of Commerce and the Isle of Man Chamber have formed close ties over the past year, with a number of business sector forums being held on the island including key meetings for Manufacturing, Energy & Environment, and Construction, from which several companies have developed ongoing business opportunities.

The rugby match provided Wirral Chamber of Commerce to engage with the Isle of Man Chamber representatives in further strenghtening the links and to look at additional meetings between the respective business and organisations from Wirral and the island.

Paula Basnett, CEO at Wirral Chamber of Commerce, who organised the visit, said,

”We have made very strong links with the Chamber and many of its businesses, and we are now looking at engaging in more sector forums held in Wirral with key players from both areas.  The match at Birkenhead Park Rugby Club offered the perfect platform to invite our colleagues, Rebecca George and Jessica Kitchen, from the Isle of Man Chamber to visit Wirral.

The view was echoed by Rebecca George, CEO at the Isle of Man Chamber, who said,

“We were delighted to be invited back to Wirral over the weekend to watch Douglas (IOM) rugby team play Birkenhead Park.  This has helped us to further strengthen our relationship with the region and look at developing more opportunities for members of both the Isle of Man Chamber and Wirral Chamber of Commerce to connect and network. 

She added,

"We very much value the partnership we have with Wirral Chamber of Commerce and the businesses we have engaged with, and together we are forging  relationships and meeting new colleagues from both sides.  Once again we were overwhelmed by the warm welcome and generosity that everyone from Wirral Chamber of Commerce displayed and look forward to hosting a reciprocal visit later in the Spring.”

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