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Business Sustainability Event |Manx Utilities’ Cair Vie Onshore Windfarm| Sponsored by Conister | May 2024

16 May 09:15 AM

Launchpad, Hillary House, Prospect Hill, Douglas

Presenter: Lizzie Riley, Manx Utilities (Lizzie will be joined by other members of the Manx Utilities team too)

Manx Utilities invites you to an exclusive update on the Cair Vie Onshore Windfarm project. Join Lizzie Riley and our team as we provide valuable insights into this ground-breaking initiative.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Project Scope: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Cair Vie Onshore Windfarm project, including its scale, objectives, and significance in our decarbonization journey.
  • Progress to Date: Receive updates on the current progress of the project, milestones achieved, and any challenges overcome.
  • Expected Annual Production: Learn about the anticipated annual production capacity of the windfarm and its contribution to sustainable energy generation on the Isle of Man.
  • Impact on Island Emissions: Explore the significant role of Cair Vie in reducing carbon emissions on the island, aligning with our commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Potential Economic Benefits: Discover the potential economic advantages of the windfarm, including job creation, local investment, and its contribution to the Island’s economic activity.

About Manx Utilities: Manx Utilities is a Statutory Board of the Isle of Man Government entrusted with the vital responsibility of generating, distributing, and supplying electricity on the Isle of Man. Committed to sustainability, we are dedicated to achieving our Target under the Climate Plan 2022 – 2027 to deliver 100% decarbonized electricity supply by 2030. The Cair Vie Onshore Windfarm represents a significant step towards realizing this ambitious goal, with a target of delivering at least 20MW of onshore wind by 2026. We are proud to announce that our windfarm project is currently on track to be fully operational by September 2026.

Be part of this important discussion and contribute to shaping the future of sustainable energy on the Isle of Man. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn, engage, and collaborate with Manx Utilities and fellow stakeholders.

Due to the generous sponsorship of Conister, this event is free to attend and includes a light breakfast.

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