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About Us

Welcome to our website!

If you are in business in the Isle of Man, whether you are a start-up, business owner, entrepreneur, run a blue chip corporate and anything in between we'd love you to join our community.

We are a dynamic, proactive, and inclusive organisation that represents and supports the needs and interests of businesses here on the Isle of Man. We know that running a business can be tough, and we're here to make it a little bit easier. We offer a wide range of services to our members, from networking events, knowledge sharing and learning opportunities to information and advice on Government.

By being a member, you'll be able to connect with other like-minded business owners, gain access to exclusive member-only deals and discounts, and be a part of shaping the future of business on the Isle of Man. We keep things pretty relaxed and casual around here, so feel free to browse our site, check out our events, and get in touch if you have any questions.

Our vision is: to be the Isle of Man's Leading Business Community 

Our mission is: to be THE influential voice of business pro-actively driving for economic growth and challenging for change 

Our values are: independent, collaborative, inclusive, influential, pro-active and dynamic

The overall strategy and business of Chamber is managed by a Board and there are currently sixteen Sector Forums and Working Groups that focus on specific issues affecting their sectors on behalf of all our members.  Click here to view our 2024 strategy and key objectives. 

To learn more about the activities of Chamber, please read our Annual Report 2022/23

All media enquiries to MMC