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Over 500 businesses are members of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce. These businesses represent a diverse range of sectors from start-up, SME's to large blue-chip organisations. By joining like-minded business people and organisations you will be making a real difference and have opportunities to influence decisions affecting our local economy. 

There are a number of reasons why a business might choose to join the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce.

Our members see the the main benefits as:

  • Representation: As an independent and influential body, we represents the views and interests of our members to government and other organisations, which can help to shape policy and regulation in ways that are favourable to business development and growth .
  • Networking: The Chamber provides a range of events and opportunities, designed to connect with other companies and individuals on the island, and can lead to new partnerships, contracts, collaboration and customers.
  • Information and Advice: The Chamber provides members with easy access to business advice, support, signposting and mentorship which helps members navigate the local business environment and grow their operations.
  • Learning and Development: Chamber facilitates a range of opportunities for members and their employees to build new skills and knowledge, to drive growth and sustainability.
  • Business Promotion: The Chamber provides a platform to promote their business with exclusive and members-only offers and discounts to attract new customers and clients.
  • Credibility: Chamber membership indicates to customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders that a business is reputable, professional and committed to the local community.
  • Sense of Community: Members become part of a community of like-minded business owners and professionals, who understand the challenges of running a business and can offer peer-to-peer support and mentorship.

We offer something for all businesses on Island, with our members covering sole traders up to the largest organisations on the Island, plus we have links with the wider British Chamber network.

Consider becoming a Gold or Platinum member

Gold and Platinum membership is are our most prestigious level of Chamber membership. By paying an increased fee gold and platinum members demonstrate a commitment to supporting the work that Chamber undertakes for the local business community.

If you would like to learn more about Chamber then we would be happy to meet and explain more about the benefits for you and your business. 

To view our full membership offering including benefits, costs and how to join click on the button

If you would like to discuss membership in further detail, please email: or call 07624 462550