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Deploying AI within your organisation with Stan Keig and Arron Clague | Viking Office Systems Ltd | March 2024

27 March 12:00 PM

Launchpad, Ground Floor, Hillary House, Prospect Hill

Stan Keig, Managing Director of Viking Office Systems Ltd, along with accomplished Director of AI/ML,  Arron Clague will guide delegates through the intricacies of integrating AI into your business operations. Leveraging their extensive expertise in this domain, they will talk through the many opportunities that AI can unlock while providing invaluable insights into the associated risks and the importance of robust governance protocols.

Drawing from their wealth of experience, Stan and Arron will furnish attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the many considerations involved in adopting AI technologies. They will shed light on the strategic deployment of AI solutions to drive innovation and enhance efficiency. Moreover, they will underscore the critical importance of implementing stringent governance frameworks to mitigate potential pitfalls and ensure ethical AI usage.

In addition Stan and Arron will offer tangible examples of AI application across various industries. Through compelling use cases, they will illustrate how AI can revolutionise processes, empower decision-making, and fuel competitive advantage.

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