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The UK Data Protection and Digital Innovation Bill – Change for change’s sake? | February 2024

27 February 09:30 AM

Launchpad, Ground Floor, Hillary House, Prospect Hill

Join Nicola Whiting from Rowany for an insightful session on the UK's Data Protection and Digital Innovation (No. 2) Bill, a pivotal piece of legislation poised to reshape the landscape of data protection and digital innovation within the UK. This accessible overview is designed to enlighten participants on several key aspects of the Bill, without delving into technical complexities. Nicola's presentation will cover:

  • The primary objectives and purpose of the Bill.
  • An exploration of the Bill's components that extend beyond data protection.
  • A detailed look at the data protection provisions within the Bill.
  • The current status and progress of the Bill through legislative processes.
  • The potential impact on the Isle of Man and considerations for the way forward.

This session is an excellent opportunity for professionals and interested parties to gain a foundational understanding of the Bill's implications and its relevance to the Isle of Man. Whether you're directly involved in data protection, digital innovation, or simply keen to stay informed on legislative developments, this session promises to provide valuable insights in a concise and approachable format.

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