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Biosphere Isle of Man encourages businesses to learn about sustainability | June 2023

04 July 2023

Biosphere Isle of Man’s ‘Sustainable Mann’ will include six expert led workshops held in St John’s in September and October, with 30 spaces available on each.

The two-hour sessions will cost just £5 each and cover:

· Starting and growing a sustainable business

· Energy use

· Climate change mitigation

· Dealing with waste

· Adopting a circular economy approach

· Helping nature and wildlife

Clare Barber MHK, Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, said: ‘Encouraging sustainable development is one of the main functions of UNESCO Biospheres, and adopting more sustainable practices is essential for the planet.

‘These exciting workshops cover a range of topics and I encourage Manx businesses of all shapes and sizes to get involved. Our speakers will share a wealth of knowledge that start-ups and smaller businesses, without in-house knowledge, may find them particularly useful.’

Last year, more than 30 organisations, ranging from finance to farming, attended one or more of the inaugural workshops with around half attending all six.

Dominique Newburn, owner of Breeze Candles, said: ‘The Sustainable Mann workshops enabled me to connect with like-minded people, to reflect on our internal practices, and to be confident that there is a lot, even small businesses can do, to reduce their impact on the environment.’ Businesses can book a place by visiting the Biosphere website and with spaces limited, priority will be given to Biosphere partners. Partners pledge to protect natural resources, make a positive environmental impact, develop the economy in a sustainable way, support and promote Manx culture and heritage, engage with the community and promote the Island’s land and seascapes.