Chamber contributes to the 2023 Isle of Man Government Workplace Wellbeing Toolkit | Nov 2023

Chamber were delighted to contribute to the recently published Isle of Man Government Workplace Wellbeing toolkit.

Date: Tuesday 29 November 2022

Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce are delighted and honoured to support the fifth edition of the Isle of Man Government Workplace, Wellbeing Toolkit.

Pre 2019 it is unlikely a business network would have been asked to contribute to such a document, but as we find ourselves navigating the chaotic post pandemic world, coupled with all the challenges of the current cost of living crisis it now makes perfect sense for an organisation with the primary focus of supporting the local economy to demonstrate its synergy and commitment to this essential resource.

In a world so obsessed with cost, we must never forget that the cost of our well-being comes before everything.  In order for our workplaces to thrive, we must, first and foremost ensure that the health and mental welfare of our workforce is prioritised and fully supported.

This toolkit offers employers a step by step, simple but effective guide to ensure our workplaces are fully briefed and equipped to ensure staff are both supported and empowered to prioritize their wellbeing and enabled to reach their full potential.

This useful guide not only sets out the importance of demonstrating a culture where wellbeing is a key priority, but also the process your organisation needs to follow in order to successfully introduce, construct and implement an effective, fit for purpose process that will stand the test of time.  If followed and utilised correctly the guide will go some way to improving employee retention, productivity and overall physical and mental wellbeing of staff.   If all of the above seems overwhelming, or your organisation does not have a dedicated HR department you will also find very useful, easy to follow examples and ideas suitable for any type of operation within this guide.

It is so reassuring to look back and reflect on how far we have come as an island, you only have to open the local papers or peruse island based social media pages to see what an open and engaging topic wellbeing has become. In collaboration with local charities  for the last few years Chamber has hosted regular mental health events and in July 2022 we held our first ever menopause in the workplace awareness session.  Just a few short years ago these event probably wouldn’t have factored so heavily in our events schedules, its simply wonderful and refreshing how much times have changed.

Chamber cannot wait to utilize this guide, without a healthy workforce our organisation simply couldn’t function. I sincerely hope you and your workforce find value from it too.

Click here to download your free Workplace Wellbeing toolkit