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Chamber welcomes Manx Wildlife Trust as Charity of choice 2023 -2025 | Sept 2023

25 September 2023

We were thrilled to hear that we had been chosen as the Chamber’s charity partner in our 50th year, and we look forward to working even more closely with the Chamber, and its members, over the next two years. As the Island’s leading conservation charity, our mission is to protect and enhance our environment, create more spaces for wildlife, and inspire people to act for nature. We want the Isle of Man’s land and waters to be rich in wildlife, a place where nature matters to all. Being a UNESCO Biosphere partner, we are closely aligned to the UNSECO Sustainable Development Goals and therefore critically aware that people and nature share this wonderful Island and it’s resources. Any solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises will come from both Natural Solutions and human endeavour.

We have a knowledgeable and experienced team of 20 staff brilliantly supported by an army of over 300 volunteers. Our 28 nature reserves now cover over 500 acres of the Island and our Peel gift shop and Nature Discovery Centres at Scarlett and the Ayres National Nature Reserve help engage with locals and visiting tourists alike.

MWT work collaboratively with IoM Government, other Island NGO’s, The Wildlife Trusts Federation, the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum and IoM businesses to promote and help deliver a sustainable IoM that is thriving for both people and wildlife. For us, the two things are intrinsically linked. An Island that enables native wildlife to thrive is also one that supports healthy and happy lifestyles, is a desirable location for successful businesses and is a place with a sustainable tourism draw.

We already work with many Chamber members, some of the Island’s most successful companies, and we will be showcasing some of our key corporate members in future columns. ESG is now key to success in any industry and MWT are best placed to help IoM businesses deliver effectively on the Environmental and Social aspects of this commitment. Raising brand awareness and reputation as an environmentally active organisation is just one benefit from such a collaboration.

We strongly believe in the ability of Nature Based Solutions to solve many of the issues facing the Island, and indeed the world, today. Involving your team in long-term and sustained conservation projects can help improve their health, wellbeing, and morale.

The funding we receive from corporate membership and sponsorship enables us to successfully deliver our work:

  • Conducting scientific research and delivering targeted conservation projects
  • Embedding wildlife and the environment into education for all ages
  • Establishing community projects that create space for nature (#TeamWilder)
  • Developing verified IoM carbon and biodiversity credits
  • Securing more land to be managed for nature
  • Saving Manx species from extinction.

So, do consider becoming MWT corporate members, if you’re not already, or talking to us about sponsorship opportunities and any other collaboration ideas you may have. You may even just want to consider booking one of our consultants from Ecology Vannin to come and see how you can make your office grounds more wildlife friendly, then you can add them to the Nature Recovery Network, like Zurich have done, (more on that in a future piece).

Get involved with MWT on social media: Twitter @manxnature, Facebook at or Instagram manxwt, like, share, comment.

Manx Wildlife Trust is an Isle of Man registered charity no. 225. Find out more at or email to start a conversation.