Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce welcomes Northern Chamber of Commerce as an affiliate member

Date: Tuesday 31 October 2023

Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce has announced that it has welcomed the Northern Chamber of Commerce as an affiliate member.

Isle of Man Chamber CEO, Rebecca George, says the move follows recent meetings between both Chambers to explore various avenues for mutual benefit. The focus of the dialogue, she said, was on identifying ways to build bridges between businesses in the central areas of the Island, and those in Ramsey where the Northern Chamber is based.

Rebecca said that the relationship will ‘pave the way for future collaborations and information sharing between the two organisations’.

Both Chambers say they are enthusiastic about plans to join up more closely and share communications and initiatives. They add that the affiliate membership will act as a conduit for a flow of information, opportunities, and collaborations between the two Chambers and their respective memberships.

The partnership aims to forge productive links between various parties and organisations in the Isle of Man’s business community. By working together, both Chambers say they will ‘leverage collective resources and knowledge to benefit their memberships and contribute to the overall economic wellbeing of the Isle of Man’.

Keith Dalrymple, Chair of the Northern Chamber of Commerce, said he welcomes the opportunity to work constructively with IOM Chamber. He added: “Acknowledging that the Island’s resources are finite, and, in some areas limited, it is vital that an ethos of mutual cooperation is adopted in all sectors to make best use of whatever is available to serve the interests of the whole community.”