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Meet the sustaining member | Global Monetary Solutions | July 2023

06 July 2023

Tell us about your business?

Global Monetary Solutions Ltd has a local footprint but as an introducer of business to corporate, B2B clients we support corporate clients on island and internationally.  Our partners are regulated, well respected in the products and services they offer and have numerous awards for innovation, creativity, payment solutions. We understand local business climate, keep aware of changes which could affect our clients, support and innovate with new products, services which in turn supports their need, whether this be cost saving challenges, simplifying current payments or providing alternative solutions.

What services do you offer?

In association with our partners, we can facilitate a wide range of prepaid, cards, mobile payment, banking, crypto, FX and international payments. The products and services can be generic, tailor made to meet with client’s requirements, integrated and white label. This industry is fast moving, continually changing and challenging. We are adaptive and creative enough in identifying solutions that are for the now and for the future.

Do you have any events coming up or current projects you can share with us?

We continually network with our events, so please keep an eye on the Chamber of Commerce calendar. We have a number of large projects we are currently working on; due to client and partner confidentiality we cannot disclose until product launch but will be a first if the product is delivered to the target market.

What are your plans and goals for the future?

To continue to support and grow our business, the industry we operate in and listen to clients, adapt, and create new products and if relevant services that compliment and support our current core products and at the same time support our local community, i.e. sponsorships and donations.

Where are you based and how can people contact you?

We are based in Douglas, operate from Barclays Eagle Lab, Victoria St, Douglas. Contact details for a coffee, chat. We’re always an open business and enjoy our vibrant and interesting business community. I’m directly accessible on 07624486113 – Peter Ferguson or Linkedin.

Finally, why is Chamber membership so important to you?

Global Monetary Solutions Ltd are proud to become a member of the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce, in becoming a sustaining member we aim to continue develop as company. The CoC is great platform for development, networking. We aim to support the Chamber of Commerce, when possible, share our knowledge and experiences with clients and peers whilst continuing to deliver our range of products and services to new and existing clients. As the financial landscape changes, so do clients’ requirements and we are adaptive enough to meet and support our clients with new, generic and white label solutions.

Peter Ferguson