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14 December 2023

Our role is to support CEOs and CFOs in reducing their costs on a sustainable basis and generate additional budgets through ongoing cost and purchase management. I offer innovative solutions tailored to businesses with annual revenues over 10M£, spanning various sectors.

Our proposition in ERA is ‘No savings No fee’ that means that our fee is based on the savings we reach, because we want to set up a real partnership with our clients and avoid any risk for them.

Moreover, we keep staying by our client’s side throughout the project implementation: at ERA we examine what you spend and compare it to market benchmarks in order to deliver recommendations aiming to the best service quality.

This approach has yielded average savings of above 15%.

We're renowned experts in Cost Management, acknowledged globally working with 5,000 clients across sectors and over 40 countries.

Our substantial savings arise from our profound industry insight, adept supplier negotiations, and rigorous evaluation of performance that matches your business needs and our clients maintain complete authority over a transparent cost management process.

Why is being a member of Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce so important to your company?

Being a member of the Chamber provides me with numerous networking and business development opportunities. Through events, meetings, and conferences organized by the Chamber, I have the chance to connect and collaborate with fellow business professionals, both locally and internationally. The Chamber also facilitates introductions to potential clients, suppliers, and partners, opening doors to new business opportunities and collaborations that I may not have accessed otherwise.

The Chamber acts as a strong and unified voice for the business community. By being a member, I am part of a collective voice that represents the interests and concerns of local businesses to the government and other decision-making bodies. The Chamber advocates for favourable business policies, infrastructure development, and regulatory reforms that can benefit my company

Furthermore, the Chamber provides invaluable resources and support to help us stay informed and navigate the business landscape effectively. It offers access to business intelligence, research, and training programs that enhance our knowledge and skills, keeping us competitive in the market. The Chamber also keeps us updated about relevant industry trends, legislative changes, and economic developments on the Isle of Man, allowing us to make decisions that can drive our business growth and sustainability.

Who is the main point of contact/representative re Chamber for your company?

Russell Baker – Principal Consultant, click here to contact Russell