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14 December 2023

In the wake of the Tesco buyout, the Chamber of Commerce urges the Government and Tesco to prioritise our local producers.

We echo the DfE Minister’s desire to understand the long-term intentions that Tesco has for the Isle of Man. Whilst we recognise that Tesco already stocks some Manx produce, we urge them to also adopt a policy to support a much wider range.  Tesco is now in a unique position to lead the way in supporting local produce and we urge them to champion this cause by increasing the range and volume of food which is procured from here on the Island. By doing so, Tesco can demonstrate an unparalleled commitment to the Isle of Man, its economy, and its people.

By making this commitment, Tesco will not only give much needed reassurance to on-Island producers – it will also allow them to plan ahead in the longer-term, which in turn will lead to production of increased volumes of Manx food and drink, making it more cost-effective and ultimately leading to lower prices for consumers. In addition, creating higher demand at a sustainable level will stimulate development in areas where we need more products produced on-Island for the local market. 

We also urge Government to create a policy where all Government-owned and operated sites prioritise supply from our on-Island producers.

The benefit of thinking and buying local will:

  • reduce our collective carbon footprint (contributing to reaching the Island’s net-zero targets) 
  • support the economy
  • guarantee fresher and healthier food choices for residents