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Statement following Barclays' withdrawal from Eagle Lab | August 2023

20 July 2023

The Chamber of Commerce appreciates the role of Barclays in establishing the Eagle Lab in 2018 as a joint partnership with Chamber and the Department for Enterprise.  The Lab has provided a unique space to support innovation, entrepreneurship and promote collaboration for both existing, new and relocating businesses.

Whilst Barclays have taken the decision to step back from the day to day operation of the Lab, Chamber is delighted to be able to confirm that arrangements have been made for the space to continue to be available to existing and new members.  Physis Ltd, who already operate the QVH shared office and co-working spaces across the upper floors of Queen Victoria House, will take over the operation of the ground floor facilities, rebranded as QVHclub.

The transition will be seamless and there will be no interruption to access to the facility, ensuring that the collaborative space currently provided in the Lab will be maintained.  Members will also be able to benefit from expanded access to the broader range of facilities provided throughout Queen Victoria House, further enhancing the potential for co-working and collaboration.

QVHclub will continue to provide a flexible option for small to medium sized businesses, together with resident and relocating entrepreneurs.  For more information on membership, or if you would like to discuss anything in further detail, please contact   - please use this for any enquiries regarding the Lab/QVH Club