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Cherry Godfrey, an independent financial services company, is excited to announce its expansion into Southampton

22 May 2024

Cherry Godfrey is a specialist in offering unique personalised finance, insurance and mortgage products to customers in Guernsey, Jersey, the Isle of Man, and following FCA approval back in September 2021 they opened on the Isle of Wight, and now officially launching its services to Southampton and the surrounding areas.

Since its inception over 31 years ago, Cherry Godfrey has grown to become a well-rounded financial services company with high-quality financial products and face to face personal service within the local communities it operates. With a team of experienced professionals and a commitment to traditional values, Cherry Godfrey aims to fill the gaps in the market by providing flexible products addressing the individual and business needs of Southampton residents and making a positive impact on the community.


Whether your needs are finance, mortgage or insurance-related, personal or commercial, Cherry Godfrey is passionate about providing customers with a much wider choice of products than are currently available, at competitive prices and from an expert team that you can trust.

Tanzy Cherry, COO at Cherry Godfrey commented “At the heart of our company is commitment to customer service: No matter how much we grow, we will always maintain the traditional family values and dedication to our clients for which we are known, and we are looking forward to offering the same level of personal, face-to face service to the community and businesses in Southampton and the surrounding areas. Cherry Godfrey can address a real gap in the Southampton market where the ‘personal touch’ is sometimes lacking”.

Tanzy continued “Strong relationships are absolutely key to everything Cherry Godfrey does in understanding how to meet both individual and business needs. We view customers as people who we will know by name and who will know us by name too. ”We have an exciting opportunity ahead, and the team and I are looking forward to helping even more people meet their finance, insurance and mortgage needs all under one roof.”


Cherry Godfreys friendly team will build the brand in Southampton in the traditional way they always have; by tailoring its products and services and getting to know the local and business communities from the outset.