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Manx Telecom Urges Travellers to Prepare for US Travel

19 March 2024

As the United States switches off its 2G and 3G networks, Manx Telecom is taking proactive steps to ensure its customers enjoy uninterrupted voice calls and text messages while traveling to the United States. To facilitate this transition, Manx Telecom is offering a free upgrade to all eligible customers.

This specific upgrade is essential for travellers to the US, where the discontinuation of 2G and 3G networks in the country as they switch to 4G, means that customers require an adjustment to their mobile plans. Without this upgrade, voice services may not function as expected, potentially causing communication disruption.

Gary Lamb, CEO at Manx Telecom commented on the initiative, saying, "At Manx Telecom, we recognise the significance of staying connected with your loved ones, regardless of your location. This free upgrade is designed to eliminate any concerns about communication disruptions while traveling to the US. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and ensuring their peace of mind during international travels."

He continued, “We are recommending that all travellers to the US make the transition ahead of departure to avoid any disruption to the service.”

To receive the upgrade, customers can visit the Manx Telecom store located on Strand Street, Douglas or alternatively call the customer support line at 624624.