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Manx Wildlife Trust | Premiere of "Wildlife Remembered" Short Film to Shed Light on Isle of Man's Conservation Efforts | March 2024

13 March 2024

Castletown, 20th April - The Isle of Man is set to host a significant event in the realm of environmental awareness with the premiere of "Wildlife Remembered," a compelling 15-minute short film produced in collaboration with Manx Wildlife Trust (MWT). Scheduled to take place at King’s Court Theatre at King Williams College on 20th April, this premiere promises to be an enlightening evening for both film enthusiasts and conservation advocates alike.

Produced and directed by MWT’s Head of Engagement, Graham Makepeace-Warne, "Wildlife Remembered" delves into the concept of shifting baseline syndrome, a phenomenon where successive generations witness a decline in wildlife, accepting it as the new norm. Through heartfelt interviews with local residents, the film paints a vivid picture of the diminishing presence of wildlife in the Isle of Man. With visually stunning graphics and animations by Kyle Withington and an emotive musical score composed by Eleri Morgan, "Wildlife Remembered" aims to spark conversations about the importance of preserving our natural heritage.

Following the screening, a distinguished panel comprising key figures in conservation and filmmaking will engage in a thought-provoking debate chaired by Manx Radio’s Howard Caine. Those involved in the making of the film will be joined by Dr. Lara Howe, Marine Officer at MWT; and David Bellamy, Head of Conservation at MWT. The panel will delve into the film's production process and discuss the ongoing conservation efforts in the Isle of Man.

"This premiere evening is not just about showcasing a film; it's about igniting conversations and driving action towards wildlife conservation," remarked Makepeace-Warne, the film's producer and director. "We hope that 'Wildlife Remembered' will serve as a catalyst for change, inspiring individuals to join us in safeguarding our natural heritage."

Tickets for the premiere of "Wildlife Remembered" are available for purchase online at or for more information, please visit or contact