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New Charity Member | Culture Vannin | May 2024

23 May 2024




Everything we do helps the Island become more confident and articulate in its sense of who it is, making it a more attractive place to live, work and visit.

We work with the community and online – we have over 4 million views on YouTube, and around 20,000 Facebook likes. Our work focuses on Manx language, music and dance, and online and educational resources – we’re involved in teaching, commissioning new projects, and spreading the word. We make community awards for everything from festivals to publications, ecology, history, and heritage transport. We take Manx culture forward!

Sustainability and inclusivity are at the heart of what we do. Our culture reflects the interests of everyone who has chosen to make the Island their home, and we support a dynamic, living Manx culture for everyone, everywhere. We focus on sustainability of culture for future generations, with a keen eye on our environmental impact. Our cultural centre in St John’s is used by all ages each week. Culture Vannin is proud to have been a UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man Stakeholder right from the start.

Culture Vannin is a registered charity under its full name the Manx Heritage Foundation.

Why is being a member of Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce so important to your company?

Culture Vannin is looking for a collaborative partnership with Chamber. We want to nurture a space where culture, business and innovation come together for the benefit of everyone. We have grown and changed over the past 40 years and we want to keep that growth mindset. Working together, we can use our respective strengths to create a more resilient and inclusive economy that celebrates and sustains the Island's unique culture and sense of place, for residents, visitors, and investors alike.

We want to widen our reach, and grow our community provision through our cultural centre in St Johns, making it more sustainable. Manx culture is an important part of our Biosphere status – our work brings a sense of place which benefits employee wellbeing. By integrating Manx culture into your business, you can differentiate yourselves in the marketplace, nationally and internationally. How can we help?

Whether through sponsorship, volunteering, or strategic partnerships, we offer opportunities to contribute to the preservation and promotion of Manx culture, strengthening your community focus. By supporting initiatives such as language revitalisation, festivals and events, and heritage projects, you can align your business with the values of community and creativity that define Manx identity.

What opportunities can you identify for us, how could you help us grow? We’d love to hear from members who are further along that sustainability journey, and those who want to celebrate our sense of place!

Who is the main point of contact/representative re Chamber for your company?

Dr Breesha Maddrell, Director:


676169 or 694757 (direct)