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Standard Bank Colleagues Support Beach Buddies

03 August 2023


Earlier this month Standard Bank Isle of Man employees joined forces with the award-winning local charity Beach Buddies to help clean a stretch of the coastline in the west of the Isle of Man.
The Bank, which is a UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man partner and has a long-standing partnership with Beach Buddies, runs a number of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, with all permanent employees allocated an additional two days leave per year to take part in various volunteering initiatives on the Island.
On Wednesday 19 July, 27 employees from across the Bank volunteered to take part in the beach cleanup, which involved clearing litter across Peel and its surrounding coastal areas including Peel Hill, Peel Castle, the harbour and various walkways and four nearby beaches.
Beach Buddies has attracted over 15,000 volunteers to its cause since 2013 and is dedicated to putting the Isle of Man on the map for having the cleanest beaches in Europe and has received international recognition for its work.
Lee Francis, Chief Executive and Island Head, at Standard Bank Isle of Man said: ‘Standard Bank was delighted to support Beach Buddies again with a beach cleanup at Peel last week. 27 colleagues spent the day collecting litter across the coastal town, with items ranging from empty cups, broken glass, metal containers, plastic, and small pieces of fishing rope, with a truckload of litter cleared from the hill, beaches, and streets around Peel. Many locals and tourists took the opportunity to engage in conversations with us, expressing their appreciation for our efforts in maintaining the cleanliness of the local environment and this is exactly why we do it, to benefit the community and our Island.
‘As a responsible corporate citizen, Standard Bank Isle of Man actively promotes and encourages our employees to engage in volunteer activities across the local community, making a positive impact on the environment and the places we call home. We’ve been thrilled to have so many of the team use one of their volunteer days to assist this worthwhile charity and help raise awareness about the careless disposal of litter across our coastline.’

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