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Seed to stripe | 30% Discount applied when you book 3 Seasonal Treatments Plus Free Lawn Consultation | June 2024

31 December 12:00 PM

Seed to Stripe's seasonal services guarantees a lush, green outdoor space for recreational enjoyment and consistent curb appeal whatever the season.


Spring Starter (Mar – Apr) – Rejuvenate your lawn after the harsh and wet winter months. Bid farewell to moss-covered lawns, dead grass and decomposing garden material.


Early Summer (May – Jun) – Tackle the emergence of weeds and persistent thatch issues with precision.


Late Summer (Aug – Sep) – Ensure your lawn thrives despite the summer strain.


Autumn (Oct – Nov) – Prepare for the changing seasons and say goodbye to drainage issues.


Winter (Dec – Feb) – Combat moss growth and nutrient deficiencies, ensuring your grass stays healthy and resilient until spring blooms again.


Seed to Stripe delivers unmatched expertise in lawn care using cutting-edge electric equipment to cultivate healthy lawns free from emissions, noise, and pollutants.

We believe in nurturing lawns with organic, chemical-free treatments that promote long-lasting benefits and ensure a safe environment for pets, children, and nature.

Ready to reclaim your lawn? Contact Alastair on 422492 or for a free lawn consultation.