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St John’s Mill Conference Centre | Discounted terms for fellow members of the IoM Chamber of Commerce | March 2024

14 March 2025 12:00 PM

St John’s Mill offers a range of conference facilities, technology for remote/hybrid meetings and unrivalled catering delights – all in the calm and beautiful wooded river-valley of Tynwald Mills.

We’re delighted to offer fellow CoC members a discount of 10% on room bookings, and for first-timers we’re making an introductory offer of a 25% discount on their first room booking.


In addition, if you want to book a series of events please contact us – depending on what you need, we may be able to offer you discounts based on the number of sessions in your series.


Please quote ‘Chamber of Commerce’ when asking us to apply these discounts.


The Mill is uniquely blessed with a gorgeous environment, and we’re often told that this makes for good session outcomes: being away from an office environment, and surrounded with nature, good food and a warm welcome can put all of us in a more creative frame of mind! and