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Business Sustainability Group

Business Sustainability Group.

The Business Sustainability Group is chaired by Ralph Peake. 

Ralph is supported by a core team inc: 
  • Nancy Shefford, Communications
  • John Rispin, Events
  • Simon Sheath, Officer, to record and distribute notes/minutes.

A task force to assist local business in achieving net zero emissions (a subsidiary group of the IoM Chamber of Commerce Climate Change Programme)

Aims & Objectives

  • Act as a collective voice for the local economy, promoting a responsible approach to the Climate Change Bill
  • Serve as a rallying point for local businesses looking to improve sustainability, publicised through Chamber’s Climate Change Programme
  • Collate concerns and questions; work on providing clear and straightforward answers
  • Provide knowledge sharing opportunities related to sustainability
  • Encourage and promote collaborative solutions for lowering emissions and improving environmental impact
  • Locally develop new ideas to advance the transition to a green economy
  • Ensure positive engagement with Government, including invitations to take part in meetings to promote alignment of private and public sector
  • Make constructive recommendations to decision-makers on strategy, policies and legislation
  • Develop an open source of practical expertise, a database of information and a list of relevant contacts
  • Organise presentations and discussions from global topic experts
  • Offer the opportunity to attend local workshops and training courses
  • Foster external partnerships to promote sustainability, including the wider communities i.e. farming and fishing