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DPO Forum

DPO Forum

The DPO Forum is Chaired by Simon Edwards

The DPO Forum brings together local Data Protection Officers from a range of industries to discuss all aspects of Data Protection.  Themes include anything from the rights of data subjects, GDPR policies, breaches, training, individual experiences, through to legal aspects of GDPR and everything in between.

The group meets every 6 weeks at Eagle Labs either in person or via Zoom. The agenda includes common GDPR themes, legislation, Cyber-security, and provides everyone the chance to participate in the meeting.  We also arrange training events, promote local events, and invite special guests to present at the sessions.

The group membership includes people just starting out on the Data Protection journey, to DPOs with a wide range of experience & knowledge.  We are all there to help one another by sharing experiences, building relationships, and we also have a laugh from time to time.

If you are interested in joining the forum please contact