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Positive Health & Wellbeing Forum

“Mission statement:

To assist all residents in reaching their full potential by providing access to relevant wellbeing services. To promote wellbeing in all organisations operating on the Island to ensure all employees can reach their full potential.

The goals of the Wellbeing Forum are based on the five pillars of wellbeing:

1. Physical Wellbeing

People in the UK are on average 20% less active than in the 1960’s. We see evidence of sedentary lifestyles everywhere; lifestyles that are simply unhealthy.

The forum will challenge such norms by promoting: good nutrition, staying active and healthy sleep patterns. Physical wellbeing has a direct impact on mental health.

2. Mental Wellbeing

We are experiencing a mental health crisis on the Island. The suicide rate is far too high, access to mental health services can be difficult at best and there is still a huge stigma surrounding mental health.

The Forum will challenge the stigma. We will openly discuss mental ill health and the devastating effect it can have on sufferers. We will work closely with Manx Care and Island organisations to tackle the stigma and provide alternative mental health services that can be accessed by all.

3. Financial Wellbeing

Finances are the biggest source of stress in the UK. The cost of living is high on the Island. Often jobs are poorly paid and all too many struggle with heating and clothing, and are reliant on the food bank simply to get by.

The Forum will work closely with the Chamber Board, businesses within the Chamber and the Government to address the cost of living and promote the use of the living wage as a minimum for all employees.

4. Social Wellbeing

This pillar is defined by how we interact as a community; how accepted we are and feel, connection with friends and family, and empathy and compassion within our society.

The Forum will address how we feel as a society and how happy we are as individuals within society through working with businesses and the public. We will increase awareness of the services on offer and how use of such services can have a wider positive impact to the wider community. We will encourage everyone to make meaningful connections. We will encourage a better work life balance for all. We address gender and diversity issues promoting fairer and equal treatment of all. We will work with other members of the Forum in promoting each other’s work.

5. Wellbeing Governance

Governance is the system of rules, practices and processes by which an organisation is directed and controlled. This is a vital part of wellbeing without with policies can tend to be lost and forgotten. A key element is to ensure wellbeing policies and practices are communicated throughout an organisation with wellbeing regularly being on the board agenda.”

The Wellbeing Forum is currently Chaired by Juan Moore.

Positive Health and Wellbeing Toolkit