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Think Tank

Welcome to the Think Tank forum! Watch the video below to find out more about us:

Think Tank is chaired by Kathryn Sharman.  Established at the 2017 AGM, the Fuel committee took on the mission to look at future trends impacting the Isle of Man, it’s workforce and the businesses it supports and the Group has tackled many topics including the future of work, the aging population and support for working families.

The key aims of Think Tank are:

  • To be a dynamic Think Tank, providing an inclusive platform for emerging leaders and talent to develop and share the views of Chamber members and the wider business community.
  • To create an environment where open discussion is encouraged and attendees are empowered to challenge where relevant and necessary.
  • Developing and raising awareness of challenges relevant to the business sector, providing wider economic understanding and awareness of these challenges.
  • Providing insight, assistance and input to Chamber members, operating as a feedback mechanism for identifying and remediating challenges faced by businesses across sectors.
  • Develop novel, solution led work which positively contributes towards Chamber members, business or government policy.
  • Provide a path for leaders and talented individuals to join Chamber and progress within the Chamber network, engaging them as positive contributors to the future development of Chamber and the Manx Economy.

Benefits of membership:

  • Develop, showcase and promote individuals within member companies.
  • Developing your local political awareness.
  • Developing your commercial awareness, locally and internationally.
  • The opportunity to directly input into business or government policy.
  • The opportunity to have access to speakers and guests that members wouldn’t usually have exposure too.
  • Provide a path for emerging talent to join Chamber and progress within the Chamber network.
  • Opportunities for personal development and networking with the wider business community.