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Presentation on the Andreas Renewable Energy Hub

02 May 2024

Members were joined by the owners and technical business partners of Andreas Renewable Energy Hub (IPV Flexgen), which could revolutionize energy sustainability on the Isle of Man while offering numerous economic and environmental benefits.
This insightful session offered members the opportunity to learn about this groundbreaking project firsthand. IPV Flexgen is working with the landowners of Andreas Airfield and evaluating the potential for a generation hub that could produce up to 25% of the electricity required by the Isle of Man.
The proposed privately funded project would incorporate a mix of renewable energy technologies to provide greater levels of daily power availability and grid stability.
Key Highlights:
Proposal of an islanded microgrid capable of providing up to 14% of the Isle of Man's base load electricity requirement.
Anaerobic digestion serves as the cornerstone of the project, with 20 active farming partners and approximately 6500 acres dedicated to energy crops and farm waste.
The project aims for a whole island contribution, ensuring secure farm income and access to organic fertilizer.
Potential islanded grid connection with significant export capacity and various micro grid generation and ancillary services.
Opportunities include dispatchable baseload power, scalable project development, affordability through private financing, economic acceleration, community benefits, and environmental impact aligned with climate targets
Huge thank you to Ed Jessamine, Managing Director of IPV Flexgen for the presentation to the members and Conister Bank for their continued support of our Sustainability forum events!
Click here to view the slides. 
And thanks to Launchpad Isle of Man for hosting!