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Climate Change Group

The Climate Change Programme is chaired by Chris Gledhill.  The Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce Climate Change Programme has been established to work in parallel with the Government’s climate change strategy and support/feedback to Government solutions to assist the business community in delivering on climate change. 

Member companies with an interest in the transition to a zero carbon economy will look into the business opportunities and challenges associated with the move to a zero-carbon economy by 2050. 

Terms of Reference:
The Chamber of Commerce Climate Change Programme will explore how the Isle of Man can ensure that it benefits both economically and socially from a proactive approach to the opportunities and challenges faced in terms of climate change.

The Programme will look into creating simple and accessible ways to evaluate options and benchmark the various products and services available.

The Programme will ensure that the wider business community have a leading role in shaping the implementation of the inevitable changes to the balance of the local economy for the benefit of the whole community

The Programme will look to create a roadmap for local businesses across all sectors to assess and mitigate their own impact.

This includes three steps for consideration: 
• Impact assessment – how to calculate carbon footprint as a business
• Reduction – techniques and technological solutions to reduce the carbon footprint over time
• Mitigation – carbon offsetting by funding activities which have a negative net carbon impact

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